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About Dafna

Dafna is an Israeli folk singer and songwriter,

known for her ability to transcend borders and blend musical styles in song. Dafna's sound incorporates the rhythms of American roots and country into Hebrew and Jewish songs to show us that we are all one and to highlight the commonalities of the Holy Land and the heartland.


Growing up in Moshav Talmey Elazar on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, she learned to play the guitar from her father at an early age. After her service in the Israeli army, Dafna attended university in the U.S, obtaining a degree in music therapy.


Dafna is also the creator of Shir Fun, a successful and popular initiative that uses Hebrew music to instill a love of community and personal growth among children and families.


Dafna performs with her band, the Holy Land Heartland Project, a blend of Americana, Country, Folk and Jewish sounds. She has performed all over the U.S, Israel and Europe. 


Dafna also performs interactive and educational concerts for families and communities.

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